Bài viết study plan Canada mẫu

Bài viết study plan Canada mẫu

Để có đậu visa du học Canada có rất nhiều yếu tố quyết định như hồ sơ chứng minh tài chính, bảng điểm kết quả học tập tại Việt Nam, viết study plan Canada. Study plan du học Canada là yếu tố cực kì quan trọng, đóng vai trò thăng chốt khiến nhân viên đại sứ quán Canada có duyệt hồ sơ xin visa của bạn hay không. Các yếu tố cơ bản trong một Study Plan Sample như dự định trong tương lai, lý do thuyết phục lãnh sự quán cấp visa và thông tin cá nhân…

Cách viết study plan xin visa hiệu quả và mẫu study plan
Cách viết study plan xin visa hiệu quả và mẫu study plan

Trong bài viết này trung tâm tư vấn du học vnsava.com sẽ giúp bạn tự viết Study Plan Sample theo mẫu của một bạn du học sinh Canada đã đậu visa

Hướng dẫn viết Study Plan thật chuẩn

Dàn ý Study Plan Canada

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  • Trình bày ngành học và lí do tại sao bạn chọn ngành học này
  • Giải thích tại sao bạn phải sang học tại Canada chứ không học tại Việt Nam
  • Trình bày một số các thành tích mà bạn đã đạt được trong quá khứ
  • Kế hoạch dự định về cống hiến cho Việt Nam sau khi tốt nghiệp
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  • Chú ý không để phạm lỗi ngữ pháp hay chính tả
  • Nên sử dụng các phông chữ phổ biến như: Calibri , Times New Roman , Arial, cỡ chữ vào khoảng 12
  • Độ dài của Study Plan Canada không nên dài quá 900 từ, nên viết gói gọn xúc tích trong 1 mặt giấy thì sẽ tốt hơn

Giới thiệu bản thân

Phần mở đầu

Consulate General of Canada in Vietnam
Visa Office
Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

<Month>, <Date>, <Year>
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thông tin cá nhân cơ bản

My name is <blank>, a young enthusiastic <blank> from Ho Chi Minh City. I am writing this letter to share my truly desire to study at <school name> College of <major>, Canada. I’m on my way to explain more in details my study plan with the hope that I will obtain permission to pursue a Ontario College Diploma in my major.

I was born in <place>, on <time>, in a business family. Since I studied in high school, I have had individual perception about <blank>, and almost realized some signal from my dream, to become a <blank>. The problem is in my home city, <blank> is not developing at that time, due to I decided to move to another city myself… With all my enthusiasm, I chose to be a student of <blank> at Ho Chi Minh Architecture of University, the school of <blank>. Luckily, I passed the entry examination with the highest score of my field. In the time I was studying there, I have experimented in various kind of work fields: <blank>…, but the most thing that I am suitable to, is still <blank>. After 4 years, I have already finished my course and get the Good Bachelor Degree in <blank>, in honor again of reaching the highest score in Graduated Project.

Investing for studying is the most-profitable investment at all. So I always keep in mind that learning not only helps me improve my knowledge but also makes me experience this worth-living life and what I learn always helps me succeed in the future.

In details, <blank> with me, is the beginning of everything meaning in my whole life. Leaving the university makes me a big confused of choosing the next step. Then I accessed to a <blank> Company , as a <blank>, and have worked there for <blank>. I realized that I must get more experience in environment of design all around the world, cause when I just stand in one country, I can’t have the far-sight visions about <blank>. My truly desire is definitely making changes to the Viet Nam <blank> Industry, and if I want this, I must get a wide in-depth grasp of <blank> and the completion of comprehensive working skills. That’s the reason why I decide moving to a developing country to continue study.

Những lý do thuyết phục nhân viên đại sứ quán Canada cấp visa du học

Lý do chọn trường

All above the cities, Toronto as I know, extremely is the best city for studying <blank>, because of its dynamics and steady-development of <blank> industry, with <blank> in the top 50 of <blank> in the world. Studying there, I’ll get the valuable chance to get exposure to <blank>. Also, there will be full of facilities and newest technology for me to complete study in the best condition, the best updated education there can strongly help me exploit my hidden ability in maximum. That’s meaning wonderfully to my desire. So I chose <blank> for my study case. After having general education of <blank> in Viet Nam, I have identified my future direction clearly. I want to get an in-depth grasp of technique of <blank>: how to make the products proficiently, how to <blank>, <blank>, <blank>, <blank>,…; all necessary skills in <blank> field.

Lý do chọn Canada

In that time, I decided to study a long term abroad course in Canada after hearing so many good advices and reviews about Canada’s education. I am currently qualified for the Ontario Diploma College in case of <blank>, at<blank>.

In details, my choosing Canada to study is the result of these following reasons:

Canada is one of the ten most prosperous countries in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund and also recognized as one of the best world-class educational systems over the world. the international students will feel close to each other and achieve the necessary skills to deal with people from various backgrounds in Canada.

Furthermore, Canada is the multi-culture country, the international students will feel close to each other and achieve the comprehensive skills, that’s definitely the right place for me to learn hard about various of developing culture all around the world, for widening my horizon.

Dự định trong tương lai

Dự định sau khi tốt nghiệp

I have many plan for my future. First of all, I will come back to my country, to built my dream there. After many research as I do about the development of Vietnam nowadays, I believe my country will be a wonderful place for the <blank> to bloom. I want to build my own career in Vietnam and then contribute to bring domestic products to oversea. These products have been marked by traditional culture signal, as my dream to introduce Viet Nam wonderful culture to all over the world.

Another important thing that I can never let go is my big family. I want to take care of them, live the whole life with them in my hometown with so much memories. My parents are old, it should be me to take care of them and no one else. I will try my best to help them improve their quality of life in every way, that I believed I could have the strength to do it after finishing study in Canada.

Kết thư

I’m going to finish my study plan, with hope that General Consulate of Canada in Ho Chi Minh will understand my desire and be easier on deciding whether I deserve for a study permit for my studying case in Canada. I sincerely want to open my knowledge, and believe Canada will deepen my expertise and broaden my perspectives in <blank>. Your positive permission will bring me the best encouraging to study with all my enthusiasm that’s the huge chance for me to change my life.

Thanks for spending your precious time on my personal statement.

Sincerely yours,

<Full Name>

Cách viết study plan du học Canada, kèm study plan mẫu
Cách viết study plan du học Canada, kèm study plan mẫu

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